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It's clear that I will be talking about what I cook at home - it's high time I mentioned beans!

Fiber is anything but valueless - it does good to you when dieting, lowers both the cholesterol and the blood sugar, and decreases the risk of cancer, heart diseases, diabetes and many inflammations. Also, it absorbs sugars and fats while slowing down the food digestion.

Dr. Hey's approach
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A healthy eating approach focusing on cutting down on such substances which could do harm to our bodies. 

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Listen, dude, fats are not that scary as you might consider them. Your body needs them so as to function properly. In this article, I am going to reveal you how to and how not to combine them so as to have your digestive system sped up. (Learn more about fats)

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Fats are digested in the stomach thanks to the ferment known as lipase, synthesized in the mucus by means of the hydrochloric acid.

What are the basics of the separate nutrition plan? Eat simple food and don't combine such belonging to various types at one and the same time since it slows down the digestion.

Bulgarian Yogurt
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The typical Bulgarian yogurt is a high-alkaline and high-protein food. In order to follow the principles of separate nutrition, i.e, if you want to speed up the digestion and make it more effective, I do recommend you that you consume yogurt alone since it is quite hard to digest, plus its assimilation takes between 2-4 hours.

A giant egg
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Learn more about the protein structure and its biological role. In this article, I am going to talk about its assimilation in the human body. 

Even upon thinking of eating that protein-rich food, you body starts producing the ferment known as trypsin, released by the pancreas; but before entering the stomach, proteins "get attacked" by both the ferment pepsin and the hydrochloric acid (HCl), contained in the stomach. No sooner does the ferment trypsin start functioning than these two kick in the process itself.

Starch, also known as farina, is contained in many products of plant origin. Its assimilation includes several stages. The first one concerns the digestion which happens thanks to the saliva, or amylase, to be more exact. It breaks down the starch to maltose (disaccharide). The next phase concerns the digestion in the stomach, in which process the pancreatic amylase engages too.

Starchy foods
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The combinations below are considered "safe" since they do not take a toll on the digestion.